Why Maintain UPS Batteries?

Batteries are the most critical component in an uninterruptible power supply. It is the UPS battery that releases its stored energy and provides an alternative source of power in the event of a mains failure. An old or badly maintained battery could affect the run time of the UPS system or result in the UPS not starting up at all. This would cause massive problems to businesses that rely on UPS backup should there be a power outage.

UPS batteries have a finite lifespan. It is recommended that the batteries be replaced with new ones before their maximum lifespan is reached. The determination of UPS batteries is the most common cause of UPS failure. Just one faulty battery could jeopardise the entire battery string and compromise the integrity of the entire backup infrastructure.

A consistent battery maintenance plan is key to maximising their life expectancy. Identifying problem cells reduces the risk of them weakening the infrastructure. Proactive battery maintenance will avoid unplanned business downtime, reduce costs, prove efficiency and protect the UPS system from an unexpected failure. Contact us to find out more

Battery Maintenance

The operational integrity of any static UPS, CPS or DC system relies on batteries as the source of backup power in the event of a mains interruption. Failure of a single cell within any installation will compromise the integrity of the complete system, hence our maintenance regime will recommend impedance testing be undertaken on a regular basis as a minimum requirement. This procedure facilitates early recognition of any change to the internal electrical characteristics enabling corrective action to be undertaken either by replacing individual blocks or the complete system. Following each visit, a report is compiled which will advise on any corrective action required in order to maintain the integrity of the system. The report will also include a graphical representation of the complete battery string and provide a means of trend monitoring the batteries condition over time.

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Powershield Battery Monitoring

A majority of today’s UPS, CPS or other DC systems provide only rudimentary battery monitoring. They cannot identify faults within individual batteries, nor detect an imbalance in the performance of multiple strings. To ensure the integrity of the battery system, it is necessary to detect failing blocks before they affect the performance of the entire system. The effectiveness of a battery monitoring system is proportional to the number of points that are monitored and the frequency that this occurs. With regular monitoring comes the accumulation of data, the ability to report and spot trends, and the ability to take timely remedial action. PowerShield provides the most advanced and most cost-effective tool for monitoring and managing standby battery banks.  PowerShield’s continuous data sampling, reporting and battery management capability delivers reduced costs, gives peace of mind, and most importantly – ensures that you have batteries that perform when needed. Powershield can be retrofitted to existing battery installations. For more information on Powershield click here.

Battery Services

During a routine battery maintenance visit, SIEL’s engineers will examine the batteries performance and include the following assessments:

  • Environmental check
  • Battery capacity
  • Battery life expectancy
  • Battery condition

Battery impedance testing and load bank testing can also be carried out and included in as part of the UPS battery service.

UPS Battery Replacement

We undertake the replacement of complete battery systems.

SIEL is a registered  Upper Tier Carrier Broker-Dealer of redundant batteries and manage their safe disposal in accordance with current legislation.

Registration No CB/BM3785EC

Our extensive experience and in-depth knowledge of stationary batteries for standby power applications enable us to undertake the installation of replacement battery systems using batteries from the world’s leading battery manufacturers including:

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