What Is Black Building Testing?

Black building testing, also known as integrated system testing (IST) is the pinnacle of the commissioning process and can also be carried out as part of an annual UPS service. During this test, a complete mains failure is simulated to test the functionality of your critical power systems and to demonstrate how the generators and UPS systems will perform in the event of a total power failure.

SIEL’s professional engineers will work closely with the site manager to support the IST (Integrated System Test) UPS Black Building Test and ensure minimal impact and downtime during the process.

Our engineers will observe the performance of the UPS and generators throughout the outage and follow up with a detailed report offering insight about any improvements to the backup power infrastructure.

The test ensures backup power will be available when it’s needed most, preventing unplanned downtime and loss of equipment.

Why Choose SIEL Energy Systems?

SIEL has skilled and qualified engineers who will be on-site during the test period to monitor the UPS systems. Our ISO certifications assure quality service and procedures, and compliance with health and safety legislation. We also ensure all Integrated System Tests (IST) UPS Black Box Testing are fully documented for traceability of all events and actions.

  • A highly qualified fleet of engineers
  • Annual Black Building Testing
  • Highest standards guaranteed
  • Comprehensive performance report
  • Advice and recommendations on UPS and infrastructure
  • UPS and generator analysis

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