Press Release – HUAWEI UPS5000-S – 5.4MW UPS Installation for major International IT Services Provider

The end of 2017 saw SIEL Energy systems successfully complete 2 new major UPS replacement installations.  A third installation is scheduled for completion in the 1st half of 2018. ATOS, a major international IT services provider chose SIEL Energy Systems to supply, install and commission the highly acclaimed HUAWEI UPS5000-S modular UPS product.  This market-leading product provides unparalleled system flexibility and efficiency.  The 3 installations provide a combined total capacity of 5.2MW to provide an uninterruptable power supply to the client’s critical data centre load.

All 3 installations comprise the HUAWEI UPS5000-S modular product.   These units are rated at unity pf so in the case of the 400kVA frame, can provide a full 400kW output.  ‘Capacitive’ or ‘Inductive’ loads having power factors of anywhere between 0.5 lead to 0.5 lag can be supported without further derating.   In addition to the high power output, the HUAWEI UPS5000-S achieves a remarkable level of efficiency.  At 40% load in double on line conversion mode, an efficiency of >97% is achieved.    This provides long-term cost savings over the equipment lifetime both in UPS operating costs and ancillary equipment costs, such as cooling, due to the reduced heat output of the UPS modules whilst the reduced cabinet footprint of only 1.2M2 frees up valuable floor space.

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