Frequency converters are required in situations where equipment operates at a frequency other than the standard 50Hz utility supply.

Typically this might be the following types of equipment:
• 60hz American electrical equipment
• Industrial process equipment
• Military electrical equipment
• Aircraft electrical systems
• Test labs
• University labs

Siel Energy Systems offers a range of 60Hz and 400Hz frequency converters:
• The MFC 400 converts a 50 or 60Hz input to a 400Hz output,
• The SAFEPOWER TM or TT FC converts a 50 or 60Hz input to either a 60 or 50Hz output.

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In the case of the MFC400 series, a 50 or 60Hz input supply is converted to a 400Hz output supply. Double conversion technology is used, (VFI SS 111 voltage and frequency independent compliant with IEC EN 62040-3), with an integrated output transformer to ensure the galvanic isolation of the load.

The output voltage is 208 Vac three-phase (200/115V versions upon request). Power conversion topology is based on high-frequency IGBT technology and digital control.

MFC400 frequency converters are ideal for;
• Industrial processes.
• Military applications.
• Avionics workshops.
• Aircraft ground power.

SAFEPOWER FC series converts a 50 or 60Hz input to either a 60 or 50Hz output. Proven IGBT technology is combined with an OUTPUT transformer providing galvanic isolation of the load from the DC circuits and a solid point for referencing the AC output to earth.

Systems use double conversion topology (VFI-SS-111; voltage and frequency independent compliant with EN62040-3).

Field proven, SAFEPOWER FC demonstrates high levels of short circuit capability, reliability, high efficiencies, ruggedness and flexibility designed to suit individual customer requirements throughout a wide variety of applications, including;
• Industrial processes.
• Shore to ship power.
• Military applications.
• Avionics workshops.