• Rating: 30-200kVA

MST series are of a ‘Transformerless’ design for use with a wide variety of applications and are fully compatible with capacitive type loads, for example, Blade servers – without any reduction in active power, from 0.9 leading to 0.9 lagging.

All systems demonstrate high efficiencies of up to 96.5% in ‘On Line’ mode.

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MST 30 Bat30kVA/27kW
MST 40 Bat40kVA/36kW
MST 6060kVA/54kW
MST 8080kVA/72kW
MST 100100kVA/90kW
MST 125125kVA/112.5kW
MST 160160kVA/160kW
MST 200200kVA/200kW
Operating Mode (Selectable)Description
Economy (ECO)

The UPS uses LINE INTERACTIVE technology with the load powered by the mains. This mode offers reduced power consumption and improved operating efficiencies of up to 98%.

Frequency Converter

50 – 60Hz or 60 – 50Hz

On-Line - default configuration

Provides loads with maximum protection against all forms of mains power disturbances.


Based on employing a Group synchronisation module (UGS) the outputs from two independent groups can be maintained in synchronism regardless of input supply variations.

The UPS groups can either be configured from 2 x systems each composed of MST’s or employ the 2nd group composed of systems from a 3rd party manufacturer.


Up to 6 MST systems can be configured in parallel for either ‘Redundancy’ and/or ‘Capacity’.

Single Module

Complete with integral fully rated ‘Static’ bypass & manual maintenance bypass.

MST UPS is an on-line double-conversion UPS in accordance with VFI-SS-111.


MST systems are easy to install and ideally suited to sites which have limited power capacity available, standby generation and potentially harmonic compatibility issues.  Each system features:

  •  low input current distortion – less than 3%
  •  high input power factor 0.99
  •  power walk-in function to achieve progressive rectifier start-up
  •  delayed start-up on mains power supply return

The systems also performs the role of a high specification filter, protecting its power supply source (mains or generator) from any harmonics and reactive power generated by the loads it is powering.


The Battery Care System optimises battery performance, to help extend their working life and ensure that the UPS can deliver its full-rated backup time when called upon in an emergency.

Battery recharge: Systems are compatible for use with VRLA AGM and GEL lead-acid batteries including open-vented types, and Ni-Cads. Specific management features include:

  • One-level recharge to meet the requirements of the most common VRLA AGM batteries
  • Two voltage level recharge meeting the IU characteristic
  • Restricted charging to reduce electrolyte consumption and extend the life of VRLA batteries
  • Temperature compensation: to avoid excessive voltage being applied to the batteries in a high ambient
  • Battery test: to detect performance degradation and predict battery failure.
  • Deep discharge protection: to prevent the batteries being discharged below a level from which they cannot be recovered (especially when discharged over long periods with very low loads).
  • Low AC ripple current: from a high-frequency battery charger, to ensure the batteries are not subjected to this damaging element commonly experienced with some other UPS and power supply designs.
  • Wide input voltage range: from a rectifier that can work down to less than 40% of its nominal supply rating (at half load), removing the need to discharge the batteries.

MST batteries can be equipped with ‘Powershield Battery Monitoring’


Amongst the systems many features and configuration options, each

  • Suitable for powering capacitive loads, for example, Blade servers – without any reduction in active power, from 0.9 leading to 0.9 lagging
  • Modes of operation include: On-Line, Eco, Smart-Active and Stand-By/Off
  • Frequency conversion mode
  • Power Share connections for priority-based load shedding when the mains power supply has failed
  • Cold-start facility to switch the UPS on even without a mains power supply present
  • Extensive backup time options using battery extension cabinets
  • Optional battery cabinet temperature sensor to assist the temperature compensating charger
  • Optional battery chargers to optimise recharge times
  • Optional dual input supplies
  • Optional isolation transformers for Galvanic isolation and neutral connectivity


  • An integral front panel includes a large graphic display providing information including real-time measurements, operating status and alarms conditions (in eight different languages).
  • Advanced multiplatform communication, for all operating systems and network environments: PowerShield³ monitoring and shutdown software included with SNMP agent
  • Compatible with TeleNetGuard for the remote assistance service
  • RS232 or USB serial port
  • Three communication slots for accessories including network adapters and volt-free contacts
  • REPO (Remote Emergency Power Off) to shut down the UPS remotely in an emergency
  • Input for connection of an auxiliary contact for an external manual bypass
  • Input for synchronisation with an external power source
  • Graphic mimic panel display for remote connection
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