• Input / Output Phase Configuration Options: 3/3 Phase
  • Rating: 45 – 295 kVA

Designed to protect critical loads throughout Industry & commerce MULTI POWER (MPW and MPX) is a series three-phase MODULAR UPS which can be configured utilising 15, 25 or 42kW power modules.

The system delivers a rated power from 15 to 1176 kW and it is manufactured using specially-designed components and transformerless technologies that deliver exceptional efficiency up to 96.6% and high power density in a compact footprint.

The systems Modularity provides for a scalable system designed to coincide with your load growth thus reducing the risk of wasteful oversizing at installation optimising initial investment and reduced total cost of ownership (TCO).


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MPX 130 PWC15-75kW or 25-125kW
MPX 100 CBC 15-60kW or 25-100kW COMBO configuration with integral Modular Battery
MPW 300 PWC42-294kW
MPW 300 PWC42-294kW COMBO configuration with integral Modular Battery

Multi Power (MPW and MPX) sets new standards in reliability, efficiency, and scalability.

To ensure the highest levels of power availability and optimize the overall performance of the finished product, in the development of the Multi Power modules have been used cutting edge power components, innovative control technologies and specific design of certain components. Rather than using standard components readily available in the marketplace, the Multi Power hosts one single optimised and reliable power assembly.

Multi Power provides a comprehensive, easy to integrate power protection solution: the end user can easily increase power, redundancy level and battery autonomy by simply adding additional UPS Power Modules (PM) and Battery Units (BU).

Three different cabinets are available to configure the system to meet your specific needs:
– Power Cabinets (MPW and MPX)
– Battery Cabinet (BTC).

The available UPS power and redundancy level can expand vertically from:

  • 15 to 75 kW
  • 25 to 125 kW
  • 42 to 294 kW

Up to four complete Power Cabinets can be connected in parallel, increasing the capacity including redundancy.

Multi Power solution was developed with particular care to ensure operational reliability and prevent any possible failures.

The Power Modules are controlled by three microprocessor – each having different and specific duties. Likewise, Power Cabinet features two separate microprocessors: one to regulate the overall UPS operations and a separate one to manage communication with the user. All major components are continually temperature monitored within each of the Power Modules. The Battery Unit also contains dedicated internal protection and a sophisticated control system to monitor the status of each module.

A clear 7 inch LCD touchscreen control panel enables user-friendly communication, while the UPS is fully-compatible with a wide range of network communications software, which allows for monitoring and shutdown of all connected devices.