• Input / Output Phase Configuration Options: 3/3 Phase ON LINE
  • Rating: 25-125kVA / kW MODULAR

The UPS5000 – E 125K FM system is a 3 phase true online double conversion Uninterruptible Power System based on transformer-less scalable modular architecture and includes ‘hot swappable’ power, bypass & control modules.

Available in a single frame size the system provides a scalable output of 25-125kVA/kW.

Up to 4 frames can be configured in parallel providing a maximum system capacity of up to 500kVA/kW.

Systems may also be configured for DUAL BUS operation.

System characteristics demonstrate high levels of overall efficiencies of up to 96% which is maintained down to low load levels and the high level of flexibility provides for system expansion to evolve & coincide with your load growth thus negating the need to install an oversized system on day one.

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S5000-E Series - F12525kVA/kW
S5000-E Series - F12550kVA/kW
S5000-E Series - F12575kVA/kW
S5000-E Series - F125100kVA/kW
S5000-E Series - F125125kVA/kW
Operating Mode (Selectable)Description

The energy control operation (ECO) mode is an energy-saving mode that can be configured via the LCD or web user interface (WebUI). In ECO mode, when the bypass input voltage is within the ECO voltage range, the static bypass switch turns on, and the bypass supplies power. When the bypass input voltage is out of the ECO voltage range, the UPS transfers from bypass mode to normal mode. In bypass mode or normal mode, the rectifier keeps working and charges the batteries. The ECO mode provides a higher efficiency of up to 99%.

Frequency Converter

50 – 60Hz or 60 – 50Hz

On-Line - default configuration

Provides loads with maximum protection against all forms of mains power disturbances.

LBS (Load Bus Sync)

Consisting of two independent UPS Systems.  Each system consists of one or more UPS's connected in parallel.

Each system output is synchronized with each other and operates in both normal (on-line) and bypass mode.

Systems can be configured with our Exchange series of 3 phase Static Transfer Switches.

Parallel UPS5000E-F125
Single Module

Complete with integral fully rated ‘Static’ bypass & manual maintenance bypass.

The UPS5000-E F125 FM provides a reliable, economical, intelligent, and flexible power protection solution for essential services and mission-critical equipment throughout a wide range of applications, including;

  • Co-location.
  • Data centres.
  • Disaster recovery data centres.
  • Telecommunication installations.
  • Healthcare.
  • Industrial.
  • Infrastructure projects.


High Efficiency and Energy Saving

The UPS delivers a super high efficiency of up to 96% in Online mode which is maintained down to low load levels.

High Reliability and Redundancy

  • The power, monitoring, bypass, and control modules support hot swap. They are easy to replace, install, and maintain the modules and add new modules.
  • The control module uses a redundant design, which ensures high reliability.

High Power Density

The density of the UPS power module (25 kW, 3U high) is as high as 23 W/inch3, which is the highest in the industry.

High Loading Capability

The UPS5000-E F125 has an output power factor (PF) of 1 (kVA=kW) and is compatible for supplying both ‘Inductive’ and ‘Capacitive’ loads with PFs greater than 0.5.

Easy Management and Monitoring

Configured as standard with an SNMP card, which reduces the management cost. NetEco 1000U easily implements remote centralised management.

Product Features

High Reliability

  • The UPS supports a wide input voltage range of 176–280 VAC and linearly de-rated when the voltage is 176–80 V AC without transferring to battery.
  • The control module is a redundant design, which enhances system reliability.
  • The fans of power modules have high fault tolerance capability.
  • The UPS is equipped with a parallel card. Up to 4 UPS frames can be connected in parallel. The built-in bus synchronisation controller (BSC) also supports dual-bus configuration.
  • High inverter overload capability.
  • 105% < load ≤ 110%: for 60 minutes.
  • 110% < load ≤ 125%: for 10 minutes.
  • 125% < load ≤ 150%: for 1 minute.
  • High bypass overload capability.
  • Load ≤ 135%: run continuously in bypass mode at 30°C or less.
  • Load ≤ 125%, run continuously in bypass mode at 30°C < Temperature ≤ 40°C.
  • Load ≥ 1000%: for 100 ms.

High Efficiency

  • The single UPS and parallel system both support intelligent hibernation of power modules to enhance operational efficiency at low load levels.
  • The UPS has a self-load test function which facilitates easy startup and commissioning enabling it to be put into operation quickly without the need to hire expensive load banks.
  • The input power factor (PF) is as high as 0.99, and the total distortion of the input current waveform (THDi) is less than 3%. This greatly reduces the pollution on power grids and the necessity to oversize cables and circuit breakers.

Easy Use

  • It has low requirements on the installation site and can be installed easily and quickly.
  • The UPS intelligently manages batteries and increases the battery lifespan by 50%. The batteries are fault-tolerant and easy to maintain.
  • A 7-inch LCD is user-friendly and easy to operate, and clearly shows the status and running data of the UPS.


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