• Input / Output Phase Configuration Options: 3/1 Phase ON LINE
  • Rating: 20-60kVA

Based on TRUE ONLINE double conversion topology – VFI-SS-111 in accordance with EN-62040-3.  SAFEPOWER Evo employs proven IGBT technology combined with OUTPUT transformer providing galvanic isolation of the load from the DC circuits and a solid point for referencing the AC output to earth.

This arrangement completely isolates the critical loads from all forms of mains power disturbances and guarantee a high-quality sinusoidal output voltage closely regulated in both amplitude and frequency.

Field proven, SAFEPOWER Evo demonstrates high levels of short circuit capability, reliability, high efficiencies (even at partial loads), ruggedness and flexibility meeting the demand for 'High Availability' power throughout a wide variety of applications.

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SPE TM 2020kVA
SPE TM 3030kVA
SPE TM 4040kVA
SPE TM 5050kVA
SPE TM 6060kVA
Operating Mode (Selectable)Description
Economy (ECO)

The UPS uses LINE INTERACTIVE technology with the load powered by the mains. This mode offers reduced power consumption and improved operating efficiencies of up to 98%.


System can be set for 50/60 or 60/50Hz

On-Line - default configuration

Provides loads with maximum protection against all forms of mains power disturbances.


Based on employing our external synchronisation module (SSE-PBS) the outputs from two independent groups can be maintained in synchronism regardless of input supply variations.

The UPS groups can either be configured from 2 x systems each composed of SAFEPOWER Evo’s or employ the 2nd group composed of systems from a 3rd party manufacturer, D/Generators or alternative mains source.


This mode facilitates the outputs of 2 x independent SAFEPOWER Evo’s to be maintained in synchronism regardless of input supply variations.

Single Module

Complete with integral fully rated ‘Static’ bypass & manual maintenance bypass.


  • Transformer based architecture.
  • Excellent performance characteristics.
  • High efficiencies even at partial loads.
  • High output short circuit capability.
  • Dual input supplies.
  • Field proven reliability.


Systems are designed for use in a wide range of applications, thanks to its configuration options, flexibility, accessories and performance levels:

  • Modes of operation include On-Line & Eco-Mode.
  • Parallel operation of up to 5 systems for Redundancy and/or Capacity based upon ‘decentralised’ parallel concept.
  • Frequency conversion mode.
  • Extensive range of autonomies with batteries mounted in cubicles or within open or cladded racks.
  • Compatible for use with Valve-Regulated Lead Acid (VRLA), Wet lead acid or NiCad batteries.


  • 2 line’s each of up to 80 characters alphanumeric display provides access to a wealth information, including real-time measurements, system status and operating status via a LED mimic panel.
  • Integral customer interface provides access to a variety of multiplatform communication interfaces including RS232, Optical and volt free contacts.
  • SNMP for network monitoring and compatible with a range of monitoring and shutdown software.
  • REPO (Remote Emergency Power Off) to shut down the UPS remotely in an emergency.
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