• Input / Output Phase Configuration Options: 3/1 Phase
  • Rating: 20-60kVA
  • Frequency: 50-60Hz – 60-50Hz

SAFEPOWER FC series employs proven IGBT technology combined with OUTPUT transformer providing galvanic isolation of the load from the DC circuits and a solid point for referencing the AC output to earth.

Systems use double conversion topology (VFI-SS-111; voltage and frequency independent compliant with EN62040-3).

Field proven, SAFEPOWER FC demonstrates high levels of short circuit capability, reliability, high efficiencies, ruggedness and flexibility designed to suit individual customer requirements throughout a wide variety of applications, including;

  • Industrial processes.
  • Shore to ship power.
  • Military applications.
  • Avionics workshops.
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SPE TM 2020kVA
SPE TM 3030kVA
SPE TM 4040kVA
SPE TM 5050kVA
SPE TM 6060kVA
Parallel SPE

Up to 5 SAFEPOWER FC’s can be configured in parallel for either ‘Redundancy’ and/or ‘Capacity’ based on our Decentralised Parallel Architecture (DPA).
DPA also facilitates scalability of installations to coincide with future load growth.

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