• Input / Output Phase Configuration Options: 3/3 Phase
  • Rating: 20-200kVA

Based on a field proven design, SAFEPOWER CPS provides a competitive solution to ‘EMERGENCY POWER SUPPLY’ applications which include Emergency Lighting.

Systems are fully compliant with BS EN 50171-2001 for CENTRAL POWER SUPPLY SYSTEMS.

Systems are also commonly referred to as:

  •  Static inverter systems
  •  AC Central battery systems
  •  Central lighting inverters
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Operating Mode (Selectable)Description

The load is fed direct from the Mains supply via the Static Switch (ATDS). Upon mains failure, the output is automatically transferred without interruption via the Static Switch (ATDS) which continues to support the connected load


Load supplied from output of Inverter all the time.


SAFEPOWER CPS can be configured for ‘Parallel’ operation for either Capacity and/or Redundancy.

Single Module

SAFEPOWER CPS is composed of:-

  • Rectifier/Charger – fully rated to meet the recharge times specified within BS EN50171 including ‘temperature compensated’ battery recharging.
  • PWM Inverter – with capability for continuous operation at 120% PLUS additional overloads of 150 & 125% for 10 minutes & 1 minute respectively.
  • Static Switch (ATDS)
  • Manual Maintenance Bypass
  • Batteries of sufficient capacity to support the rated load for 1 or 3 Hours (other autonomies can be supplied to suit specific applications).


  • Available in a wide range of output powers up to 200kVA (higher outputs available – please contact SIEL Energy Systems).
  • Can be configured in ‘Parallel’.
  • Transformer based architecture.
  • Inverter rated for 120% continuous operation
  • High efficiencies.
  • High output short circuit capability.
  • Dual input supplies.
  • Field proven reliability.


  • Compatible for use with Valve-Regulated Lead Acid (VRLA), Wet lead acid or NiCad batteries.


  • 2 line’s each of up to 80 characters alphanumeric display provides access to a wealth information, including; real-time measurements, system status and operating status via a LED mimic panel.

Integral customer interface provides access to a variety of multi-platform communication interfaces including RS232, Optical, and volt free contacts.

SNMP for network monitoring and compatible with a range of monitoring and shutdown software.

REPO (Remote Emergency Power Off) to shut down the UPS remotely in an emergency.

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SAFEPOWER-TT CPSTechnical-Data-Sheet-Safepower-EVO-TT-CPS.pdf
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