Soleil 1F-TL

  • Input / Output: 1 phase
  • Rating: 2 – 6kW (NOMINAL POWER)

High efficiency, reliability, ease of installation and use are all qualities which characterise the Soleil series of 1 phase 'Grid Connected' String Inverters.

Based on a 'TRANSFORMER-LESS' design systems offer class-leading levels of efficiencies >97%.

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Nominal Power kW

MAX power kWp


Input voltage window Vdc

1F-TL 2 2.3 Soleil 1F-TL2K 200 -550
1F-TL 3 3.45 Soleil 1F-TL3K 200 -600
1F-TL  4 4.6 Soleil 1F-TL4K 225 -600
1F-TL 6 6.3 Soleil 1F-TL6K 200 -600


All Soleil Inverters incorporate an integral LC Display from which operational parameters can be readily accessed, including; Power, Energy Output, Module Voltages, Grid Voltage and Frequency data.


Each unit is equipped with RS232 & USB port.  RS485 is optional enabling all data to be interfaced with various ‘Remote Communication’ options including; PC, Dataloggers with remote supervision via TGS2 software.


Soleil string inverters comply with standards for Grid Connection Operation, Safety and Electromagnetic compatibility, including;

CE-LVD-EMC-Regio Decreto – CEI 021-CEI 016 – Allegato A70 di Terna – VDE-AR-N4105:2011 – DIN VDE 0124-100:2012 – VDE G83/1-1/G59 issue 2.