Siel Energy Systems can provide a range of solar inverters providing high efficiency, high reliability and ease of installation.

The Siel Energy Solar Inverters range includes the following products:

The Soleil 1F-TL /3F-TL string inverter for outdoor installation.

High efficiency, reliability, ease of installation and use, are the qualities that have positioned the new range of SIEL inverters among the most innovative products in the photovoltaics industry. The absence of transformers and other magnetic components leads to the highest efficiency levels in their category (up to 98%). Siel string inverters are distinguished for the reduced size and weight, thanks to the absence of a transformer.

Features include:
o Up to 98% efficiency
o 1Ph or 3Ph+n
o DC disconnector
o Harmonic distortion THDI <3%
o Modbus communication

For real-time, easy control of the inverter efficiency, the main information concerning power, energy output, photovoltaic modules tension, grid tension and frequency are available directly on the LCD display located on the panel front. Available sizes include;

o 2.3kW
o 3.45kW
o 4.6kW
o 6.3kW
o 10.5kW
o 22kW
o 33kW

The Soleil DSPX TRL/TRH central inverter

Ranging from 10kW up to 250kW is equipped with a built-in transformer. The three-phase Soleil DSPX range offers the highest yield in the industry through the use of updated components and advanced design and production technologies, it includes a Master & Slave feature and is certified by a third party. The range includes the following features:

o Efficiency up to 97,2% with transformer
o Efficiency up to 99,22% (certified) transformerless
o 3 phases
o Harmonic distortion THDI <3%
o Suitable for indoor or outdoor (on request)
o Equipped with monitoring grounding kit


Soleil DSPX OUTDOOR, maintains the characteristics extensively tested on the Soleil DSPX series and through a new technology makes it suitable for outdoor installations keeping the feature of the Master & Slave function and certified efficiency. Soleil DSPX OUTDOOR meets the latest standards concerning the generation of active and reactive power, equipped with LVFRT and OVFRT functions, and acquisition of remote commands coming from the local grid operator through a very simple configuration. The range includes the following features:

o High reliability: MTBF > more than 100.000 hours
o Up to 99,22% efficiency, ready for LV to MV connections
o Harmonic distortion THDI <3%
o For utility scale plants
o Built-in fuse combiner box
o Equipped with monitoring grounding kit

The ‘COMPLETE PV SYSTEM (Power Station)’

Supplied as a ‘TURNKEY’ solution, Soleil PS are available from 608 – 4,024 kW and delivered complete with; Integrated Grid Tie Utility Scale Inverter, MV transformer, and Ancillary DC Equipment all equipped for ready connection into individual site infrastructures facilitating substantially reduced connections and site preparation.

Output voltages with integrated built in high voltage transformers (Vac): 6-10-15-20-36kV (other values on request).

The experience gained in the field of renewable energies and attention to energy efficiency have guided the creation of SOLEIL Power Station, the new integrated solution dedicated to the direct connection to the high voltage grid energy produced by large plants and solar parks. SOLEIL Power Station is a “plug & play” extremely compactable to serve a plant from 500kW to 2MW (other sizes on request). It consists of a structure in painted carbon steel and insulated. For photovoltaic capacity greater than 2MW, you can install multiple systems on the same system SOLEIL Power Station connected to each other on the MV side, forming a chain through a simple in-out connection from one container to another. SOLEIL Power Station is equipped with an integrated communications platform that allows monitoring of the entire system remotely.

The monitoring system is governed by a supervision unit microprocessor which, through a dedicated communication bus, executes the query of the apparatus and collects in a database all the measures relating to the operating parameters of the most significant:

  • Energy produced by each inverter and the entire system
  • Instantaneous power
  • Parameters of voltage, frequency, power inverter
  • Irradiation and temperature photovoltaic module
  • Alarm and status of inverter and cooling system
  • State of the fusible disconnector switch MV
  • Maximum temperature alarm MV transformer
  • Container door opening alarm

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