Siel Energy Systems can supply and install a number of battery monitoring systems.

If your business relies heavily on the backup of an uninterruptible power supply (UPS), then battery monitoring should be a priority.  Without a reliable and powerful battery a UPS will not be able to support your critical load.

With a traditional annual servicing and maintenance regime a faulty battery block or string can sit undetected for a number of months, the solution is to install a battery monitoring system.

iBat Management System

iBat is a battery monitoring solution specifically designed for use with the Huawei S5000 range of modular UPS systems.  The system provides direct communication with the UPS and a remote monitoring option if required. It provides continuous monitoring of impedance voltages and temperatures of individual battery blocks. The system is based on wireless data transmission for the individual blocks, thus minimising cabling and installation time.  Such a system will constantly monitor the health of your batteries and highlight any issues for immediate rectification.

POWERSHIELD Battery Monitoring

The PowerShield battery monitoring system provides permanent and continuous monitoring for standby battery installations. It makes use of a modular hardware approach to combine accuracy and safety with ease of installation. With options for VRLA, VLA and Ni-Cd cells, a range of communication choices and an enterprise level software package.

PowerShield can provide solutions tailored to exactly match your batteries and can be added to existing installations.

Key Benefits include: – Protects your business from losses – Maximizes battery life – Enhances overall system integrity & safety – Provides 24/7 alarm notification – Provides accurate real-time information – Reduces maintenance & replacement costs – Saves time and improves reliability – Enhances site security.

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